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Issue 317 - Demo of Autoshift 2.0

It's wash day for this Model 3 with Feynlab's Pure Wash

[Sponsored] Feynlab’s Pure Wash is an impressive deep cleaning car wash soap! Ideal for the preparation and maintenance of Ceramic Coatings because nothing is left behind on the surface. Check out this short!

New Configurations

A refreshed Model 3 was spotted without any side mirrors, testing new camera locations

A refreshed Tesla Model 3 was spotted in Palo Alto lacking side mirrors and featuring new camera placements (rear window, trunk, side repeaters). Speculation suggests this could be for robotaxi purposes or testing of future model camera configurations.

Software Updates

Update 2024.9.5 (FSD 12.4) - Release Notes

The 2024.9.5 update for Tesla replaces the nag with Vision-Based Attention Monitoring using the cabin camera. The system requires the eyes to be visible, so no sunglasses or hats with low brims. The new release also introduces changes to the Autopilot suspension system, now forgiving one Autopilot strikeout for each 7-day period in which you do not receive any strikeouts. Additional features include improved security, adaptive high beams, and navigation updates showing danger zones and speed cameras.

Demo of Autoshift 2.0 in a parking garage

Check out this quick demo of Autoshift 2.0 in a parking garage—Autoshift 2.0 performs 3-point turns without the need for the driver to shift gears. Amazing!

Tesla pauses Spring Update (2024.14.6) rollout due to bugs

Tesla paused the Spring Update (2024.14.6) rollout due to reported bugs. Issues include installation failures and error codes disabling features like regen braking and hold assist.

Hardware Updates

Tesla Model X LR removed Steam support

This Redditor received a message today indicating that because of changes in the gaming computer in their soon-to-be-delivered Model X, Steam games won’t be supported. Bummer!

Tesla Model 3 Performance white interior at no cost

Tesla increased the price of the Model 3 Performance by $1,000, bumping it from $53,990 to $54,990. This marks the second price rise since its launch in April, raising concerns of affordability while still benefiting from the $7,500 EV tax credit. Additionally, Tesla has adjusted prices for various interior options, with the white interior for the Performance model now costing no extra.


Supercharger information indicates how cars cars are in their way

Congrats to Tesla Fremont and Giga Nevada for producing their 3 millionth car!

Zero wastewater discharge at Giga Berlin

Giga Berlin sets a new standard in sustainability by recycling up to 100% of its process wastewater, using only 1.8 m³ per Model Y compared to the industry average of 3.7 m³. This achievement makes it one of the cleanest EV manufacturing plants in the world.


Cybertruck powering a gas station after tornado

The Cybertruck was seen powering a gas station in Houston following a tornado, showing its rugged versatility in real-life scenarios. If life gives you electrons, use them!

Cybertruck dominates towing race uphill

The Cybertruck goes head-to-head with a Ram 5500 Cummins in an uphill towing test. Despite the Cybertruck’s battery draining quickly, it impressively pulls hard and handles a 20,500 lbs weight against the Ram’s 22,600 lbs. The race spans 11 miles of a 6% grade, rising over 3000 feet in elevation.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • EV: Electric Vehicle
  • FSD: Full Self-Driving
  • LR: Long Range

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