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Autopark after you leave the car (in the Model 3)

This feature was available in the Model S but just got added to the Model 3. Pretty helpful when you need to park in a tight spot and there isn’t much space left to get out of the car.

From issue #97

Tesla Autopark will be a bit silly at first

Tesla is working on Autopark, which will allow you to drive to the door of a store and your Tesla will go find a parking spot and park itself. In the spirit of iterating the feature in the real world, it seems like Tesla is planning to release a first version that, while safe, could sometimes park in silly places that aren’t actual parking spaces.

Given the experience with Smart Summon- people used it 500,000 times in the first few days and Tesla used that to improve it right after- releasing and iterating seems the right thing to do as long as using the feature is safe.

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From issue #81