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Issue 307 - Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous: Debut Scheduled for May

Interested in a Model X? My friend's might be what you were looking for

My good friend Jose, the first subscriber to Tesletter and the person whose referral code I used for our Model S in 2017, is looking to transfer the lease of his December 2022 Model X seven-seater. This is a great opportunity, as it offers around 21 months of driving the Model X without any down payment, taxes, or fees, at a monthly rate of $1,594. For comparison, leasing a new one with the same configuration for 24 months would cost approximately $1,912 per month. The car is in pretty good condition, and Jose is a fantastic person. Check out the pictures!

Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous: Debut Scheduled for May

The Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous is set to debut in May, offering a significant performance boost with two new motors and suspension enhancements. An insider confirms the substantial speed improvements, while a team from Fremont successfully tackled initial challenges in motor adaptability in China. I also really like the new Ludicrous badge, similar to the one for Plaid but, you know, for Ludicrous speed.

Tesla Model 3 - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno featured the 2024 Tesla Model 3 on his show, with Tesla’s Chief of Design and Chief Engineer discussing improvements in design, aerodynamics, and engineering. The redesigned Model 3 offers better aerodynamics with a drag coefficient of 0.219, enhanced safety with greater crash protection, and an upgraded interior including new screens and ventilated seats. Despite its advancements and a range of 341 miles, the price remains under $50,000, further cementing Tesla’s commitment to affordability and American manufacturing.

As a recent owner of one of these new Model 3s, I have to say that the efficiency and accuracy are pretty impressive, and the ride comfort is amazing. Love the car!

Software Updates

Tesla to Introduce Apple Watch Support

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla will be adding support for the Apple Watch, hinting at the possibility of using the watch as a car key. This update may include phone key support via Bluetooth and ultra-wideband for newer devices, enhancing convenience for Tesla owners. The integration could extend to Apple Watch widgets displaying Tesla information, reflecting Tesla’s innovative approach to vehicle access and information, despite being somewhat behind other manufacturers in smartwatch app development. Just give it to us, Elon!


West Hollywood drive in charging station progress

The original post said ‘almost ready,’ but it seems that there is still some more work to do. Either way, I’m excited to see this station finished, hopefully, I can visit it this summer! For those unaware, Tesla is building a charging station with a drive-in and a diner, isn’t that cool?


Tesla offers 5,000 miles of free Supercharging for March trade-ins

More incentives to pump up the Q1 numbers, Tesla’s latest incentive offers 5,000 miles of free Supercharging to U.S. and Canadian customers who trade in their vehicles and take delivery by March 31, 2024. This promotion applies to new purchases of Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. The free Supercharging miles are valid for two years post-delivery, incentivizing quick decisions and trade-ins this month.

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Extended FSD transfer for late March deliveries

Tesla addresses delivery delays by offering customers, whose delivery dates have moved past March 31st, the ability to transfer their Full Self-Driving (FSD) package to the new vehicle. This is great news for some of you. Last week, some of you reached out to us because Tesla was not committing to honor these if the car was delivered after the initial end date. This is another case of Tesla doing the right thing and taking the blame when it’s due.

Factories and Services

Tesla's wrap service expands to Texas

Tesla’s wrap service, previously exclusive to California, now comes to Texas, with the Austin South Collision location offering paint protection films (PPF) for Model 3, Model Y, and Cybertruck. This is fantastic news for our Texas readers! With these new options, personalizing your Tesla just got a bit more exciting. I hope Tesla keeps expanding this service across their service centers around the globe.

Giga Berlin Fly Through 2.0

Get a bird’s-eye view with the Giga Berlin! This Fly Through 2.0, which we shared the 1.0 version of a few weeks ago, showcases the progress at Giga Berlin, offering a pretty cool POV into Tesla’s latest manufacturing innovations. Giga Berlin is impressive and pretty. Keep up the good work, Tesla!

Model X & S

Model S and X add a front bumper camera and ambient lighting

Tesla is going to introduce the front bumper camera that we’ve seen in the Cybertruck already to the Model S and Model X. The front bumper camera is great for seeing what is right in front of the car, and one can think it will help increase parking visualizations and other functions by addressing a critical blind spot. Another addition is the elegant interior ambient lighting, which I personally really enjoy in the new 3.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD: Full Self-Driving
  • PPF: Paint Protection Film

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