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Issue 252 - Twelve Tesla Semis


A closer look at the Semi 750 kW charger

Excellent close-up images of the charging port and connector have been captured. The connector appears to be version v2, however, Tesla has already introduced a newer version. We can anticipate the rollout of version v3 in the future as these chargers continue to expand.

Twelve Tesla Semis

Twelve Tesla Semis at the Frito Lay Factory in Modesto.


Interested in subscribing to Tidal? See how to save some $$

Our friend, Dan Burkland, kindly shared a helpful tip on Twitter. If you choose to subscribe to Tidal through Best Buy and opt for their annual plan, you will be able to enjoy savings of $39.89 on the HiFi Tier and an even larger savings of $119.89 on the HiFi Plus Tier. For more information and instructions, be sure to check out the Twitter thread.

Real-life charging: 83 miles with 5 min of charging in a Model 3 Performance

This test was conducted at a v3 Supercharger and resulted in the car’s battery level increasing from 4% to 27% in just 5 minutes. With the increased battery capacity, the owner was able to travel 83 miles in real-world conditions, which is quite impressive.

Fiber cables installed on a Model Y Performance

I really like the appearance at night. Perhaps I should consider doing the same to my Model Y. The accessory is priced at just $37 and the owner mentioned that the installation wasn’t too difficult, although he had to disassemble some panels to complete it.

Sentry Mode's headlights pulse

With the recent 2023.2 update, Sentry now emits a gradual pulse of the headlights instead of fully blinding anyone who passes in front of the car. A Reddit user uploaded a video of the improved experience, which is much better than before. However, I still hope that in the future, I will be able to disable the activation of the headlights when Sentry is on and someone walks in front of my car.


Autopilot HW4 and future retrofits for HW3 cars

During the investor call, Elon Musk mentioned that HW4 for FSD will launch with the Cybertruck. He also noted that offering upgrades from HW3 to HW4 will not be necessary as long as HW3 can surpass the safety of a human driver. In Elon’s words, “If HW3 can be, say, 200% or 300% safer than humans, HW4 might be 500% or 600% safer.”

Is Tesla already using vision to replace ultrasonic sensors?

According to this vehicle owner, their 2018 Tesla Model 3 with all ultrasonic sensors disconnected is capable of displaying distances on the screen. It appears that Tesla is running this capability in “shadow mode,” likely using real-world data to train the neural network. During the owner’s tests, they placed tape on the cameras and observed that the car stopped displaying distances for nearby objects.


Tesla Cybertruck production to begin this summer

The highly anticipated Cybertruck is expected to commence production this summer and reach volume production in 2024. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing one of these vehicles in person!

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • HW3 - Hardware 3, Autopilot hardware manufactured in/after February 2019 for Model S / Model X, and in/after April 2019 for Model 3
  • HW4 - Hardware 4. Next version, not in the market yet.

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