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Issue 242 - FSD Beta vs Cruise


First look at Model Y Quicksilver

This Youtuber just stumbled on a Model Y from Gigaberlin with the new (not even out yet) Quicksilver color. Take a look at the video for a full review. The paint and the quality look amazing!

Tesla updates Model 3 taillights in North America to add amber turn signals

In one of the latest additions to North American Model 3s, Tesla just updated the tail light design for the Model 3 Performance and it now comes with amber turn signals. As a European, I can say that amber turn signals make it much easier to see than red ones, also one less piece to switch between geos for Tesla.

A quick tip: rename one of the trips to 'since last rotation'

Smart and easy tip, just rename one of the trips on your Tesla Trip Counter (Controls > Trips) to “since last tire rotation” and, that way, you will have an easy way of remembering when was the last time that you rotated/replaced your tires.

Software Updates

Tesla App includes Semi Assets

The latest version of the Tesla app is getting ready for the first Semi deliveries, in December.

TFSD Beta v11 Release Notes

Some Tesla employees just got the FSD Beta v11 and part of the notes become available, not much was included there, but the summary is:

  • Enabled FSD Beta on the highway. Unifying the stack.
  • Improved Occupancy Network’s recall for close-by obstacles and precision in severe weather conditions.


Opening the North American Charging Standard

Tesla connector is the most common charging connector in North America, in vehicles outnumbering CCS two-to-one. In an effort to help others adapt their connector and plug, Tesla just open-sourced their designs for what Tesla calls North American Charging Standard (NACS). The name is a bit pretentious, given that they are not the standard, but I hope others pick up on Tesla’s connector as it is smaller and lighter.

FSD Beta

Tesla FSD Beta takes on GM’s driverless Cruise in San Francisco

Whole Mars Catalog recently posted a side-by-side comparison of Tesla’s FSD Beta against the Cruise Autonomous taxi service in San Francisco. Both cars started at the same location to perform the same trip at the same time, and both did it fully autonomously (A.K.A. no human intervention). The Tesla completed the trip in 14 minutes and 6 seconds, while the Cruise did it in 22 minutes and 24 seconds.

The 'safest' driver in San Francisco

Great video by AI DRIVR, testing FSD Beta 10.69.3 in San Francisco. 10.69.3 shows really good progress, but it’s still far from perfect.


Crash simulation

We know that Tesla’s top priority is the safety of its cars. Tesla recently tweeted a video about their crash simulation and how their analysis engineers simulate hundreds of impact scenarios even before ever crashing a prototype in the lab.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • CCS - Combined Charging System
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving

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