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Issue 216 - Tesla just raised Supercharger prices in California

FSD Beta

Widening FSD Beta program (probably) next month

FSD Beta keeps improving and that is why Elon believes it will increase the FSD Beta participation next month, he also admitted that it needs more work.

Autopilot team worked last weekend to do a limit release of 10.12

And hopefully, if everything goes well with the limited release, they will do a point release (10.12.1) and broaden the release.

FSD Beta 10.12 will increment the max speed for Autopilot

Even since Tesla introduced their Autopilot version that was a vision only, they reduced the max speed of the system from 90mph to 80mph. Now, it seems that the next release (dropping this weekend 🤞) will raise the limit, hopefully back to 90mph.


Model Y towing a 20 ft, 4,300 lbs Airstream

At 65mph on the interstate, they averaged about 600 Wh/mile and about 650 Wh/mile at 70mph. At those consumption rates, a full charge will only last for125 miles. Notice: the 4,300 lbs is more than what Tesla says you can town with a Y.

German Youtubers build giant tracks on their Tesla

The group of German Youtubers just modified their Model 3 and built giant tracks on it, making it a Model T(ank). The production of this video is excellent and worth watching.


Elon Musk warns Tesla may stop taking orders on some vehicles due to 'ridiculous' demand

In a recent interview, Elon said that Tesla might stop taking orders for anything beyond a certain period of time, right now the waiting time for most orders is 1 year. If they change the system, I wonder how they would do it, new orders open up at midnight 3 months in advance or something like that? One big problem with orders that take 1 year or close, is that I’m sure a decent percent changes their mind in the process and it also drives away some demand because they need a car sooner.

$60k Model Y AWD with 279-mile range

According to a few reports on Twitter, Tesla seems to have just started offering a Model Y AWD with 279 miles of range for $60k in the Austin area. This version of the car was before limited to Tesla employees. In my opinion, those 40 miles in rage aren’t worth saving $3k.


Tesla just raised Supercharger prices in California

Peak prices in California raised by about 20%, from $0.48kwh to $0.58kwh.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AWD - All-Wheel Drive
  • ft - feet (unit to measure length)
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • khw - Kilowatt-hour. Unit of energy equal to one kilowatt of power sustained for one hour.
  • lbs - Pounds (unit of mass)
  • mph - Miles per hour
  • wh - Watt-Hour

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