Elon Musk says that the new navigation starts rolling out this weekend

New nav starts rolling out this weekend. Should be considered a mature beta at first, so won’t be perfect, but will improve rapidly. With the old system, we were stuck with legacy 3rd party black box code and stale data. No way to improve.

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First look at Tesla’s latest Autopilot (2.5) computer in Model 3, S, and X vehicles

The user Balance reports seeing the following:

  • Two Nvidia GP106-510 gpu’s. The GP106 is used in the GTX 1060 (GP106-300 for 3GB and GP106-400 for 6GB). Looks like a very highly binned version
  • One Nvidia Parker SoC (need better photo) with four 8 gigabit (1 gigabyte) SK Hynix DRAM chips for a total of 4 GB DRAM
  • Fairly large Infineon and Marvell chips u-blox Neo-M8L GNSS module (GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo)

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Model 3 just updated to 2018.10.5 and has lots of new features

Release notes include:

  • Automatic braking maximum speed increased from 50 to 90 mph.
  • Unlocking with phone - now must grab handle for it to unlock.
  • Rearranged touchscreen icons by switching the left vent icons with the music and cell phone icons on the right.
  • Heated backseats controlled through the AC icon.

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MCU retrofit (both via hardware and software)

Elon Musk says it’ll be possible to upgrade MCU both via hardware upgrade, although they wrote software to accelerate rendering on old MCU.

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The new neural networks (really well) explained

Jimmy_d made an awesome job at explaining to us mortals how the new Neural Networks pushed on 2018.10.04 work. The three main types he observed are called main, fisheye and repeater. «I believe main is used for both the main and narrow forward facing cameras, that fisheye is used for the wide angle forward facing camera, and that repeater is used for both of the repeater cameras.»- he says.

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Non-owners are starting to get delivery of their Model 3

thekalki reports getting delivery of a Model 3 despite being a non-owner.

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What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AP - Autopilot
  • AP1 - Autopilot hardware released after late September 2014 and before October 2016
  • AP2 - Autopilot hardware released after October 2016 and before August 2017
  • AP2.5 - Autopilot hardware released after August 2017
  • MCU - Media Control Unit (touchscreen)
  • NN - Neural Network. Is the software in charge of identifying objects around the car

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