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Issue 69 - Charging at the Strip

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Tesla debuts massive V3 Supercharger station in the heart of Las Vegas Strip

This Supercharger station has 24 V3 charging stalls and 15 additional Tesla wall connectors. The wall connectors are powered by solar panels during the day and by power walls at night. Honestly, this Supercharger looks amazing! And on top of that, it’s great news that Tesla is already installing V3 Superchargers outside of the beta test locations and that they are using a full Tesla solar system to power them. This makes possible installing Superchargers that are independent from the electirc grid opening it up to more remote locations.

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Unibody casting manufacturing system for the Model Y

Tesla just patented a new vehicle frame casting machine to produce the frame of the Model Y in almost one single piece 😱😱

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Model 3 - Stop rattling from tweeter - fast & easy

In case this happens to you here is an easy fix.

DIY two-tone slipstream wheels

Tesla offers these for $2,000 but this Reddit user did them with 3M vinyl for $50. What do you think?


Tesla Model 3 big trailer test and review

Tesla offers a tow hitch as an extra for the Model 3 in Europe, here is a review by Bjorn Nyland.

Unlock all doors by pressing the park button a 2nd time

If you have disabled the “unlock on park” setting for security reasons, a second press of the park button would unlock all doors making it convenient to pick up someone/something from the back.

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Parody of Tesla custom pedestrian safety sounds

Since such legistation is a joke, what could be better than a parody video about it?

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