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Issue 299 - Highland now available in the USA

Software Updates

More custom lock sounds

Teslalightshows.io is adding custom lock sounds to their website, although it’s a bit confusing because they call them light shows as well. However, there is a handy checkbox on their list page to filter just the lock sound. Take a look!

No more 'Roll' or 'Creep'

Newly manufactured Model Y and 3 are removing the Roll and Creep options and will only feature Hold. This is the mode that maximizes range and reduces brake wear by applying regenerative braking all the way to zero without the driver needing to use the brake pedal. I’ve personally only been using this mode since we got our Model Y. I hope new owners can adapt to that quickly and happily.

Model 3

Highland now available in the USA

It’s here! The refreshed Model 3 (aka Highland) is now available in the USA. If you were waiting for it, order yours now.

With this addition, Tesla removed the Model 3 from the referral program for now, but if you are purchasing another Tesla and you need a referral code, consider using ours to get 3 months of FSD for free: http://ts.la/ignacio9266

Under the hood

Cabin air filter bad smell preventer

Our friends at EveryAmp released their improved cabin air filter moisture barrier clip, based on a free design available online, and are now selling it. This clip was first designed by the YouTuber Adam Davenport, who, after extensive research, discovered that it keeps moisture from saturating the filter and creating a bad smell that has been affecting Teslas for a while now.

2023 Vs. 2024 Range

With the change in how the EPA range is calculated, Tesla updated most of the ranges on their website this week. Thanks to this Redditor, we can see an easy table with the changes. Some of the biggest drops are the Model S Plaid from 356 to 359 and the Model Y Long Range with the 20" wheels from 318 to 292. The new EPA formula aims to have more accurate numbers, instead of something that is not close to real-world cases.


Cybertruck Matte Black

Another great job by OCDetailing, in my opinion, is probably the best-looking Cybertruck that I’ve seen so far, and I love the attention to detail by Joe and his team.

Accessing Tesla Cybertruck’s tow hitch

The Tesla Cybertruck features a hidden tow hitch with a rated towing capacity of 11,000 lbs, essential for hauling trailers and vehicles across various terrains. This tow hitch is concealed behind a removable cover integrated into the rear bumper, underneath the license plate holder. A recent video posted by a Cybertruck owner demonstrates the simple process of removing this cover using a flat-head screwdriver to access the tow hitch.

Model S & X

Efficiency package and mechanical horn

According to findings in the source code by Greentheonly, we can expect the Model Y, S, and X to have an “efficiency package” in 2024 and the Model S and X to get a new steering wheel, as well as the yoke featuring a mechanical horn, instead of the button one that it currently has.

Model S and X to get upgrades

The Model S and X are going to get several upgrades this year, on top of the ones listed above. It is expected that the S and X will get a front camera, similar to the one seen in the Cybertruck. Another anticipated addition is the Ambient lighting that we have seen in the new Model 3, as well as newer seats that were released a few months ago in the parts catalog. As is typical with Tesla, these changes will come when they come, maybe simultaneously, but probably not.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
  • FSD: Full Self-Driving

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