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Issue 279 - Tesla Semi - The Silent Beast


Get notified when the Tesla you want is available

StΓ©phane, a long-time reader of this newsletter, created a website that allows users to filter through all the available inventory on tesla.com. The standout feature is the ability to set up notifications for when a specific Tesla model becomes available, ensuring you don’t miss out. Do us a favor and check it out!


Cybertrucks inside Giga Texas

In this video, we can see several Cybertrucks inside Giga Texas. It’s a pity that the video isn’t in focus during the second part.

Cold-weather tow testing for the Cybertruck

The Cybertruck was spotted in the snow in New Zealand, parked next to what appears to be a trailer with weight plates on it, highlighted in blue.

Cybertruck spotted at Supercharger

Great photo of a Cybertruck at a Supercharger. In it, we can observe two details: this one boasts a black dashboard, and we can spot the frunk tub in the bed of the truck. Thanks to @greggertruck for sharing!

Referral Program

Tesla adds Premium Connectivity Subscription to referral program rewards

Tesla introduced the option to redeem referral program points for 1 year of premium connectivity at the cost of 2,500 points. The article also provides a comprehensive list of all the referral rewards and their respective point values.

Tesla Semi

Pepsi shows off its 21 Tesla Semi

In a video published this week, a Pepsi Tesla truck driver mentioned that operating the vehicle is as simple as using a smartphone, feeling comfortable within 30 minutes, and even noting its superior turning radius. Pepsi runs their Tesla Semis for 12 hours daily, with some covering long haul routes of 250-450 miles, underscoring their high-range capability when fully loaded. The Semis can be charged efficiently, with a jump from 5-10% to 95% taking merely 20-30 minutes.

Tesla Semi charger spotted in Vegas

I have the feeling that we are going to see these more and more often now.

Silent Beast | Semi Stoplight Acceleration Sound

What is more beautiful than a really powerful vehicle accelerating really fast but completely silent? Well, at least I love it πŸ™‚

Model 3

Tesla Highland Spotted

Another video of the highly anticipated and rumored Model 3 refresh. Here’s what we’ve heard about it so far:

  • Highland represents a complete overhaul of the Tesla Model 3, not only offering a significant exterior refresh but also extensive interior updates.
  • Several additions are expected, such as a steer-by-wire Yoke, matrix LEDs, and redesigned ambient lights.
  • Highland’s interior is anticipated to be fresher, more modern, and closely aligned with the recent Model S and X redesigns.
  • It will introduce a new front fascia and a new bumper camera.

πŸ€“ What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • LED: Light-emitting diode

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