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Issue 230 - Unprotected left turns

FSD and Autopilot

Autopilot team keynote

Ashok, Director of Autopilot at Tesla for over three years now, seems to have taken over at presenting at conferences from Andrej. In this keynote, Ashok talks about many things, including Occupancy Networks, which is Tesla’s solution to predicting free space on the road. Really interesting!

FSD pricing going up (again)

The price of the FSD package will increment to $15k on September 5th. The current price will be honored for those who have ordered their cars before September 5th, but delivered later. Elon said this will happen after the wide release of FSD Beta 10.69.2, which he has said many times is a big step forward.

FSD Beta

FSD Beta 10.69 release notes

The initial release of FSD beta 10.69 is here and it comes with very rich release notes, as Tesla has been doing lately, some interesting bits are:

  • Added a new “deep lane guidance” to achieve a 44% lower error on lane topology and enable smoother control.
  • Improved overall driving smoothness.
  • Improved unprotected left turns, including “Chuck Cook style”.
  • Updated to a new two-stage architecture, achieving improvements of velocity estimates for far away crossing vehicles by 20%, while using one-tenth of the compute.
  • Reduced false slowdowns near crosswalks.

FSD Beta v10.69 - Unprotected left turns

Early videos of Chuck testing his unprotected left turn. Overall, pretty nice behavior, stopping in the median, although these ones have light traffic but as the first or one of the first videos I thought it was worth adding it. In the next one, we can see the same turn but with heavy traffic.

Heavy traffic FSDBeta v10.69 - Unprotected Left Turns

Chuck is back at the intersection, but this time with heavy traffic. Take a look at how the car did!

Tesla starts rolling out FSD Beta 10.69 — We may now control for slow-moving UFOs

FSD needs the ability to respond to objects that can’t really identify, as humans can when they drive, the new version of FSD seems to do a reference to that, they added the line “We may now control for slow-moving UFOs” at the end of the release notes.


Pull-through lanes in Santa Nella

With the Cybertruck starting deliveries in 2023, we will see many more Teslas with a trailer, so it’s nice to see pull-though Supercharger spots at Superchargers, we are going to be a bunch of these Elon!

Software Updates

Tesla Takeover 2022

This is one of those small things that really make a difference. The few times that I’ve charged to 100% or almost 100% is really weird to not have regen braking.

Tired of adjusting your side mirrors? Tesla will help

In a response to @ICannot_Enough, where he suggested that Tesla could automatically adjust the side mirror settings based on the position of the driver’s eyes and a comparison against the fleet’s own data, Elon said that Tesla will add that feature to the feature. It sounds cool, but I wonder how long it will take Tesla to implement it, and if it will be accurate. They do have the technology, the engineering, and the data required to do this.


New information about the Semi

Tesla’s closed the reservations for the Semi but has updated the Semi’s website. Some new information includes that it can recover 70% of range in 30 minutes, using Tesla’s Semi Chargers.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving

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