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Issue 203 - Tired of tripping over the cable

New car updates

Model Y structural battery pack is next level though

Responding to a video from Munro & Associates talking about the plaid pack, Elon Musk mentioned that the Plaid pack was tough, but that the Model Y structural pack is next level. I can’t wait to see it analyzed when people get it.

Franz von Holzhausen provides an update on Tesla Roadster development

Since the new Roadster was unveiled in 2017 it has created great expectations, even though at $250k it isn’t something that most people can afford, because of its role as a halo car. This week Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, provided a small update about it, and he added “we have also been learning a lot like the Plaid is a great learning platform, that all those experiences will make its way back into a much better Roadster than had we launched right after when we debuted it. It will be an amazing, exciting flying machine.”

Model Y made in Giga Berlin

Car carrier full of Tesla Model Ys spotted leaving Giga Texas

A recent picture of a car carrier full of Performance Model Ys leaving Giga Tesla, with 4680s, might be a sign that the first deliveries from it can be happening soon.

Giga Berlin paint shop

I love these videos that Tesla is releasing from their different factories. This week’s, Giga Berlin’s paint shop.


Non-Tesla vehicles can now charge at all Superchargers in the Netherlands

In November, Tesla started a pilot to allow non-Tesla EVs at the Superchargers. This week, Tesla expanded the program to all the Superchargers in the Netherlands. Great news for EVs in the area! If you are a Tesla owner in the Netherlands, I would love to hear from your experience as well.

Crash test: Tesla Model Y vs. Model X

Disclaimer: This video contains images of Teslas going through crash tests, watch it under your own responsibility 😉 Of course, this video compares a car that was designed 10 years ago vs. a newer one.

Software updates

2022.4.5 brings back the ability to show/hide media sources

Really glad to see some of the features that went away with v11 slowly coming back 🙂


Tired of tripping over the cable

I love seeing people’s clever charging setups, thank you for sharing!

💡 Tip of the week

Blindspot camera: You can enable the blind spot camera by going into Controls > Autopilot and enabling the in that menu Blind Spot Camera. This feature is only available, at least for now, in the Model 3, Y, and refreshed S and X.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • EV - Electric Vehicle

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