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Tesla Shareholders Meeting 2019

June 12, 2019

Last Tuesday I was able to attend the Tesla Shareholders Meeting for the first time. It was an incredible experience and I feel blessed I got to meet so many great folks in real life.

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About the last production Roadster

This is a series of two videos about the Tesla Roadster with VIN 1459, the last production Roadster built (after that there were only 5 more built, the ‘Final Five’). The video explains what happens when the Roadster stops being able to charge (called a bricked Roadster), difficulties transporting a locked car, and the importance of quick response to assure a recovery is possible.

From issue #143

Download the original Roadster service manual, free

Tesla just released them for free, thanks Greentheonly for noticing!

From issue #157

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Tesla Roadster

Gruber Motors specializes on repairing and producing spare parts for Tesla Roadsters, now they also create videos about the original Tesla Roadster. If you want to know more about it, I highly recommend you to watch them:

From issue #73

Franz von Holzhausen provides an update on Tesla Roadster development

Since the new Roadster was unveiled in 2017 it has created great expectations, even though at $250k it isn’t something that most people can afford, because of its role as a halo car. This week Tesla’s chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, provided a small update about it, and he added “we have also been learning a lot like the Plaid is a great learning platform, that all those experiences will make its way back into a much better Roadster than had we launched right after when we debuted it. It will be an amazing, exciting flying machine.”

From issue #203

Franz von Holzhausen Talks Cybertruck, Roadster, and More

This week, on the latest episode of Ride The Lightning, Ryan McCaffrey had the pleasure of interviewing Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen for the second time. During the hour-long episode, Ryan and Franz delved into a variety of topics, including the Cybertruck, the next-generation Roadster, the new Model S, the yoke, and much more.

From issue #250

Matte Black Cybertruck

This photo was posted by a former Senior Aerodynamics Engineer at Tesla and shows the sexy new Roadster and, in the background, it also shows a matte black Cybertruck. Badass!

From issue #188

Production Tesla Roadster will look better

I don’t know how this car can look even better, but that is what Elon said. Now, I just need to find a way of paying for it and I will be all set!

From issue #165

Roadster 2020 may be delayed to 2022

Elon Musk hinted at the next-generation Tesla Roadster being delayed to at least 2022 and maybe even later. This makes sense if you think about the current situation and Tesla not wanting to miss the opportunity of the Model Y becoming Tesla’s best selling car, apart from ramping up production of the Semi and the Cybertruck.

From issue #111

Roadster’s rocket thrusters

One could think Elon was joking when he explained Jay Leno’s how the new Roadster rocket thrusters will work, but he actually wasn’t. “We’re gonna use ultra-high pressure compressed air. It’s a cold gas thruster. The main thruster will be behind the license plate. So for acceleration, it drops the license plate, and behind the license plate is a rocket thruster. It’s like full-on James Bond".

At this point, I can believe anything coming from Elon Musk. I just can’t wait to see it.

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From issue #113

Space X Tesla Roadster's from 0 to 60 in 1.1 seconds

We learned this from the plaque at the Petersen Automotive Museum, where the Roadster will be exhibited until June 2nd. We knew it was going to be fast, but it is just mind-blowing 🤯🤯🤯

From issue #165

Tesla 'Fully Open Source' Original Roadster Design and Engineering, Releases R&D Docs

Tesla has declared the design and engineering of its original Roadster as ‘fully open source’, making the related research and development documents available to the public. The original Roadster, which ceased production over a decade ago, was a limited run with just over 2,000 units produced. This new open-sourcing move, announced unexpectedly by Elon Musk, allows for the potential creation of replicas and offers comprehensive access to the vehicle’s design and engineering details. This initiative marks a more concrete step towards open-sourcing compared to Tesla’s 2014 decision not to sue for patent infringement. I personally love to see Tesla opening more manuals and repair manuals; great move!

From issue #293

Tesla opens reservations for Roadster again

Tesla removed the Roadster pre-order page a while ago because of multiple delays. According to Elon, we should expect the Roadster to start production in 2023, hopefully, that is why they re-opened reservations.

From issue #211

Tesla Roadster at Petersen Automotive Museum

Beautiful pictures, and that red, OMG!

From issue #165

Tesla Roadster production hopefully starts in 2024

At the annual shareholders’ meeting, Elon stated that the company’s eagerly anticipated second-generation Roadster is “hopefully” set to begin production in 2024. The Roadster, first unveiled in 2017, was initially slated for production in 2020, but this timeline was delayed multiple times. I bet those of you with reservations, or those who secured one through the referral program, must be eagerly awaiting this moment!

From issue #268

Tesla Roadster to be (re)unveiled end of year

In a series of tweets, Elon mentioned that the team has radically increased the design goals for the new Tesla Roadster, originally unveiled in 2017. He said they are targeting 0-60 in under 1 second and that this car, “if you could even call it a car,” is a collaboration between Tesla and SpaceX. Ok, who is excited to see it? 🙋

From issue #306

The next gen Roadster will fly 'a little'

Or at least that is what Elon said on Twitter. The numbers of the new Model Plaid+ are so impressive that Ryan McCaffrey (from Ride the Lightning) was asking Elon if the new Roadster will ’time travel’, to what Elon Musk responded that is part rocket, and when John (from TOSV) asked him if it can fly, Elon responded ‘a little’ 😱😱

From issue #149

Three original Tesla Roadsters with 0 miles found

Three original Tesla Roadsters, each with 0 miles, were recently found in shipping containers in China after being abandoned by their original buyer in 2010. The vehicles are being sold as a collection through Gruber Motors. It’s incredible to think that these vehicles have been untouched for over a decade, and we’re eager to see where they end up.

From issue #265

Want to check out the new Roadster in person?

It will be at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, CA, from May 19 until June. Tickets are $45. I remember seeing the new Roadster at the shareholders event in 2019, such a beautiful car!

From issue #164

Why is it worth spending $200K on a Tesla Roadster

The Electric Forest had its share of obituaries over the years but the new American car company Tesla is determined to prove that the concept is a workable one. the Tesla Roadster looks good and can hold its own in the performance arena.

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From issue #21