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Issue 201 - Customize your car's color

Software Updates

Upcoming Tesla update will allow you to choose a custom car color

Great news for those of you out there with a wrap. In a software version released to Teslas in China, owners can now customize the color of their car and that will reflect in the mobile app and the in-car display. Now, if you have one of those changing color wraps, like my friend Rafael (aka Teslatino), I don’t think you will be able to reflect that in there.

First glimpse at the new car color customizer feature

Good to see it in action, in the car, and in the app!

Tesla reverts some V11 UI changes in the latest software update in China

In the newest software update in China (2022.2.1), Tesla reverted some of the UI changes introduced with v11. In the new version the driver profile, dashcam, and sentry mode are back on the top dock and the Supercharger icon is back on the main navigation screen. Good to see some of these already trickling down.

New version of iOS app includes charging stats for the past 31 days

Tesla has been storing charge stats and in the last iOS, they added a tab called ‘charge stats’ in the main menu. The new tab contains the estimated money spent, gas savings, and a break out of home, Supercharger, and others. Now, can Android users have it? Please, please!


Repeater glare and how to fix it

Good to see the issue explained and a fix, although I’m not brave enough to try this out 😓.

UI concept with gestures

Do you remember the v11 UI prototype that we shared last week? The same author has created this prototype adding gestures to the screen. Too bad that the car screen has support for gestures (I think!), although maybe they could use the camera for them.

Tesla Model S Plaid Teardown

Here is the playlist with the full teardown. 4 videos of Sandy Munro’s teardown of the Model S 🍿


Joe Rogan Instagram update with Cybertruck photos

More angles and pictures of the new prototype, it looks unreal!


Tesla seems to be pricing FSD for trade-ins

Many people have said in the past that Tesla wasn’t taking into account of the owner had purchased the FSD package for the car when pricing it for trade-in, although Tesla insisted they did. Now. a Twitter used mentioned that his to Ys, from the same month and nearly the same millage show a $6k difference in trade-in, one has FSD and the other one doesn’t.

💡 Tip of the week

Your car can remember where to auto fold/unfold the mirrors. To do that, you can go to Controls > Fold Mirrors > Save Location. Useful for those of use with a narrow garage or path to it.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • UI - User Interface

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