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Issue 158 - Super Superchargers

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Harris Ranch V3 expansion

More than 100 stalls coming to Harris Ranch. It currently has 13 stalls and this change will make this Supercharger the world’s largest one. Is it me or every couple of months or so we get a new world largest Supercharger now?
Several folks have reported this at the same time. According to some sources (or maybe only one?), Tesla is building the production line in Fremont and plans to ship it to Giga Texas, and start production sometime in Q3. Do you think is possible?

Model S Refresh

Black on white Model S refresh

Another refreshed Model S found in the wild, this one seems to be at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA. This car looks fantastic 🤩🤩🤩

Major new Supercharger station coming to Santa Monica soon

We talked about it a few issues ago, there is a new Supercharger coming to Santa Monica. According to Elon, it will feature a 50’s dinner and will play the 100 best movie clips. 😋

Recent Plaid Tesla Model S sighting all but confirms it will come with tow hitch

Looking at the picture it seems clear that the tow hitch will be an option. Good catch, I had no idea!

Model Y

Model Ys in route to South Korea

A few Model Ys have been seen entering Pier 80 in San Franciso and seem to be going to South Korea. At first, Twitter user @leon2555, who snapped the pictures, thought these were going to Europe, but thanks to an emissions sticker visible in the cars in the picture it’s been pointed out that these are actually going to South Korea. It was only in February that Tesla opened up the Model Y Design Studio in South Korea.

Under the hood

Can the selfie cam be used for driver monitoring?

This is a topic that people bring up often. This time, Greentheonly (of course!) is bringing us a few videos of what the selfie cam records. It is interesting to see how good the image is at night and that the visor position can fully hide the driver’s face from the camera.

Tesla Center Console 1.0 to 2.0 swap

Our friend Ji from Tesbros just swapped his Model Y old center console for a new one. The process seems hard and it won’t work for Model 3s manufactured before 2019, but interesting nonetheless.

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