Past Tesletter articles

How to automate your Tesla

TeslaRaj did a really good job explaining how to use NFC tags with iPhone to automate some aspects of his Tesla in the morning. Raj was kind enough to feature us at the beginning of the video, thank you Raj!

From issue #82

Why the frunk is the safest place in your Tesla

Remember that trick to open the frunk with the 12V power supply? After a recent update of the owner’s manual, it seems that Tesla fixed this problem and now is only possible if the 12V battery is dead- at least for the Model 3 and the Model Y. This is great news since it makes our frunk’s a really safe place. I always try not to leave valuables in the car, but if I have to, I’m definitely going to store them in the frunk.

Read more: Model Y Owner’s Manual

From issue #104