Past Tesletter articles

Cybertruck delivery event

The Cybertruck delivery event will be held on November 30th at the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin. Will you be there?

From issue #289

Cybertruck prototype at Investor Day

During Investor Day in Giga Texas, a close-up view of the production prototype revealed some notable changes. This prototype features a “rectangular” steering wheel instead of the yoke that was previously seen.

From issue #256

Invites for the Cybertruck event went out

If you entered the lottery, make sure to check your inbox and spam folder. If you were one of the ones who received an invite, consider inviting other Tesla enthusiasts to the event. Sadly, I can’t attend this time due to a family situation, but I hope everyone enjoys the event!

From issue #291

Lots of rumors about the March 1st event

There are many rumors about the March 1st event, where Elon said they will introduce the third part of Tesla’s master plan. Some of the rumors include the unveiling of a new car and news about battery supply.

From issue #254

Tesla AI Day pushed to September 30

According to Elon, this opens the door to a possible working prototype of Optimus (Tesla’s Robot).

From issue #219

Tesla Cybertruck delivery event

More details for the Cybertruck event: it will be at 2 pm CT or 12 pm Pacific on November 30th, and it will be streamed on X.

From issue #293