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Issue 316 - Tesla Voice Assistant


Smart Summon & Banish Autopark without passengers on the horizon

Elon tweeted that a new feature is on the verge of being released, allowing Tesla vehicles to perform Smart Summon & Banish (Autopark) even when there’s no one inside the car.

Intel vs AMD: New Autopark visuals compared

Tesla’s latest Autopark feature, part of the FSD v12.3.6 update, is now available for vehicles with ultrasonic sensors (USS), offering improved visuals during the parking process. However, the infotainment unit’s processor determines the visual experience—Intel Atom provides a simpler version with 2D overhead views, while AMD Ryzen delivers a full 3D reconstruction, known as High Fidelity Park Assist, which appears more detailed and realistic. To experience High Fidelity visuals without using Autopark, owners must disable ultrasonic sensors, which some might not prefer.

Model Y

New Long Range RWD Model Y Launched in the U.S

Tesla is adding a cheaper variant of the Model Y to the mix, the Long Range RWD Model Y, offering a notable 320 miles of range. Priced at $44,990—or effectively $37,490 after the Federal EV credit—this variant replaces the previous 260-mile Model Y RWD. A boost in range at a competitive price makes it an even more appealing choice for families like ours needing the extra mileage for those weekend getaways. Tesla also confirmed that there will be extra range available via a software upgrade in the near future.


PSA: Cybertruck's AC Power Outlet Specifications

My friend Teslatino had an excellent tweet summarizing the power outlet situation of the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck is equipped with both 120V and 240V AC power outlets, offering handy on-the-go electricity for both work and play. With outlets situated in the cabin and cargo bed, you can draw up to 20A from each area simultaneously, but stay within the 40A limit across all outlets to avoid power reduction or interruption. Thanks, Rafael!

Cybertruck gets new Tactical Grey Interior & 20 inch Wheels

Tesla’s Foundation Series Cybertruck just got more customizable with the addition of two new options—a sleek Tactical Grey Interior and a fresh 20" Core wheel design accompanied by an aero cover. These upgrades are not just about looks; they come with practical benefits as the new wheel design boosts the range to an impressive 340 miles for AWD and 320 for the Cyberbeast, while also promising all-weather road comfort.

Cybertruck battery teardown reveals wireless charging prep

A detailed teardown of the Cybertruck’s battery by Kerasoft unveils Tesla’s engineering prowess, featuring a robust structural design and sophisticated power management systems. The analysis by Autoline’s John McElroy and Kerasoft’s President Terry Wowski reveals the potential for wireless charging, a ‘wading’ mode for water fording, and innovative use of aluminum for connections. It also showcases the integration of the battery into the vehicle’s structure, reinforcing safety and enabling easier assembly.


Optimus neural net runs end-to-end on 2D camera video

The Optimus bot has made strides with its neural network, which now operates end-to-end exclusively on visual input from its 2D cameras, focusing on becoming increasingly useful.

Software Updates

Supercharger information indicates how cars cars are in their way

Tesla has introduced a handy new feature for drivers, displaying on the destination tile the count of cars en route to a Supercharger. This update helps manage charging expectations before arrival, adding a layer of convenience to the charging experience—a small detail, especially in events where there is a high concentration of cars leaving certain areas at similar times.

Exploring the latest features in Tesla's v12 update

The recent Tesla version 12.14.3 software release delivers an assortment of enhancements. This tweet includes a pretty nice video that goes through all of the features one by one.

Tesla voice assistant, Amazon Music, and more coming soon

The latest sneak peek into Tesla’s software update code suggests exciting developments ahead, including a Tesla voice assistant powered by Microsoft’s voice ‘Jenny Natural’ and the integration of Amazon Music. Additionally, it hints at ‘restricted driver’ profiles, which may be particularly useful for teaching new drivers, and the possible elimination of the driver’s seat occupancy sensor, potentially leveraging the interior cabin camera for this purpose.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AWD: All Wheel Drive
  • EV: Electric Vehicle
  • FSD: Full Self-Driving
  • RWD: Rear Wheel Drive
  • USS: Ultrasonic Sensors

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