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Issue 309 - FSD v12.3 going to many owners

DIY Protection with Fenylab

[Sponsored] Feynlab’s DIY products follow a regimen: Preparation, Protection, and Maintenance. First Prepare the paint by washing it with Pure Wash, followed by Panel Prep to remove any residual oil or contaminants. Then Protect your Tesla using Ceramic Lite - the easiest coating to apply. Then Maintain the coating with Pure Wash, and if you want that extra touch of protection, follow it up with Ceramic Spray Sealant every couple of months.


We're Tearing Down a Cybertruck

Munro Live finally got to a Cybertruck, a tri-motor version aka Cyberbeast, and while the teardown didn’t start in this video, we should expect other videos to follow to show all the manufacturing innovations that went into the Cybertruck. In this video, Sandy and Jordan talk about the fit-and-finish and the bad of the Cybertruck. Take a look!

FSD Beta

Thoughts on FSD V12 from a non-influencer

A skeptical Tesla owner shares a surprisingly positive first experience with Full Self-Driving V12, citing noticeable improvements in challenging driving scenarios. After some initial hiccups with overly cautious driving, they adjusted the settings to ‘assertive’ mode, resulting in driving behavior closely mirroring their own. This hands-on review ends on a cautiously optimistic note, with zero disengagements, even in construction zones!

v12.3 beta introduces 'Actually Smart Summon'

Well-known Tesla hacker and tinkerer Greentheonly found that the most recent FSD beta (v12.3) introduces an ‘Actually Smart Summon’ feature, although there isn’t any announcement in the release notes, and I’m not sure it can be used yet.

Chuck Cook’s first test of FSD v12.3

Chuck, one of the most prolific and well-known FSD testers, delivers his first impressions of Full Self-Driving beta v12.3 in a hands-on video, noting significant improvements like better U-turn execution and speed bump response. He experiences the new ‘automatic speed set offset,’ which adjusts to driving conditions, and highlights the FSD beta’s evolution from explicit programming to learning via training data. Worth checking it out!

AI DRIVR | There’s a HUMAN inside Tesla FSD v12.3

The AI DRIVR was another one publishing a good review of FSD v12.3 this week. He showcases the significant advancements in human-like driving behavior, which is expected given the difference in pre-programmed actions to AI that tries to emulate humans, and responsiveness in complex scenarios. FSD 12.3 shows improved parking lot navigation, smart reaction to pedestrians, and patient, strategic decision-making at tricky intersections. Despite the advancements, the system wasn’t perfect and had a disengagement due to a road closure misinterpretation.

FSDBeta v12.3 in finding its way out of a bad situation

In another video from Chuck, we can see FSD v12.3 taking the wrong lane but at least turning as the lane indicates. At the end of the street, the car is capable of doing a U-turn and getting out of the situation. As Chuck mentioned in the video, the car probably should have backed up at the end of the street to turn, instead of the wide U-turn, but the software doesn’t seem to do that yet. After his tweet, Ashok, Director of Autopilot at Tesla, mentioned that reverse is coming soon “when the Actually Smart Summon™️ and the FSD models merge together over the next few releases.”

Software Updates

Matrix LED now fully operational in 2022 Model Y Performance

The Matrix LED headlights have become fully functional in the 2022 Model Y Performance, which is great news for those owners who had purchased a Model Y and a Model 3 in the last ~2 years. I have to admit, I love to see them in action!

Teslas automatically open their windows and doors when submerged under water

This isn’t a new article, but it’s something I didn’t know, so I thought it was worth adding to the newsletter. During Hurricane Ian, it was revealed that Teslas have a lifesaving feature where the windows and doors automatically open when submerged in water. This isn’t about interior aesthetics; it’s about emergency escape and saving lives, though the feature isn’t unique to Tesla, as Audi and Porsche have had similar systems.

Battery & Charging

LFP battery retrofits for older Model 3 now under warranty

Tesla has initiated a program offering LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery pack retrofits for earlier Model 3 vehicles still under warranty, as supplies for the older nickel-based battery packs dwindle. This retrofit includes an upgraded suspension system to handle the added weight, but also brings benefits such as increased range and the flexibility to charge up to 100% regularly without compromising battery health. An exciting upside is the reported slight improvement in 0-60 acceleration times, which means a little performance boost for retrofitted Model 3s.

Tesla simplifies finding Superchargers for towing

Tesla owners who frequently tow trailers will appreciate an upcoming software update that will make it easier to locate trailer-friendly Supercharger stalls. The update promises to add these specific stalls to the in-vehicle UI, a move spearheaded by Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill. This feature is particularly timely, with the Model Y and imminent Cybertruck designed for towing, and the summer travel season arriving soon.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD: Full Self-Driving
  • PPF: Paint Protection Film

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