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Issue 292 - Now you can see the Cybertruck in real life

SnapPlate+ line for Tesla Model S,3,X,&Y

EveryAmp, one of our long-term supporters, is offering a great discount for Black Friday. If you are in the market for a removable front plate holder, take a look at their product. They offer two options: SnapPlate and SnapPlate+. The first one is better for safety while the latter is a more sturdy option.

You can use the code BFCM15 for 15% off through 11/30. Go grab it now!


Detailed new Tesla Cybertruck pics

Really nice pictures of the Cybertruck. I like how the UI looks and the non-round, non-yoke steering wheel. I hope the delivered cars come with it. These are some of the best pictures of the interior of the Cybertruck that I’ve seen so far.

The Cybertruck shows a 267-mile range according to the Trip Planner

We can see in the picture that driving 16 miles reduced the battery of a vehicle from 71% to 65%, suggesting an estimated total range of approximately 267 miles. The calculation acknowledges that factors such as wind speed, elevation, and average acceleration impact the range. Note that we don’t know which configuration this is, but it might fall short if this is the tri-motor configuration.

Now you can see the Cybertruck in real life

If you want to see the Cybertruck in real life and you are in the Bay Area, San Diego, or NYC, today is your lucky day. You can go to either Santana Row in San Jose, the Westfield UTC Mall in San Diego, or the Meatpacking District in NYC. We can only expect more and more popping up, especially after the first deliveries on the 30th.

Purchase experience

You can now register your Tesla directly in Texas

It was about time. I was expecting some changes since Tesla moved their HQ to Texas and opened Giga Texas. Now, Teslas purchased in the state of Texas can pay sales tax and fees directly to Tesla, instead of having to do it yourself and pay the sales tax to the state directly. This is just a step to reduce friction when buying a Tesla in Texas.

Software updates

Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.8: Enhanced Autopilot, Better Video Processing, and Parking Assistance

Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.8 update introduces several enhancements, some noticeable ones are:

  • Advanced Video Processing: Enhanced vehicle detection and movement understanding
  • Improved Object and Vehicle Detection: 6% better at noticing objects; 15% more precise in detecting lane-cutting vehicles.
  • Reduced Errors in Traffic: 3% fewer speed errors and 10% fewer acceleration errors.
  • Faster Decision-Making: 15% reduced latency in the decision-making network.
  • Enhanced Parking Assistance: 16% more accurate Vision Park Assist system.
  • Improved Lane Change Accuracy: 10% better at handling path blockages.

Tesla's 2023.38.8 Update: New Rear Seat Bluetooth and Easier Autosteer Activation

Tesla’s newest update, version 2023.38.8, brings two cool upgrades. First, it makes driving easier by allowing you to turn on Autosteer with just one pull of the gear stalk, matching the latest Model S and X cars. But note, that if you use this shortcut, you can’t activate cruise control with one pull. Second, backseat riders in the Model 3 get a treatโ€”they can now pair up to two Bluetooth headphones to the rear screen for their own private audio, a feature that wasn’t there before for screens in the back.

Geeking out

World record for the largest Tesla light show: 687 Teslas

Cool to see the show, really impressive having so many Teslas in one place performing the same light show and perfectly synchronized. Nice job!

Tesla V4 Supercharger Adds 40% Battery Range In 10 Minutes

Well, this is the same as the V3 speed, because inside is a V3 charger, but still impressive. It adds a 40% range in about 10 minutes. The V4 Superchargers are notable for their improved design, featuring a taller and more streamlined structure, an integrated Magic Dock, a digital credit card reader, a compact display, and a lighter, extended 10-foot cable. These chargers hold the potential for a 615 kW output, but not yet.

๐Ÿค“ What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD: Full Self-Driving

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