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Issue 277 - FSD is transferable only in Q3


FSD is transferable in Q3

Elon Musk announced that Tesla would permit one FSD transfer during Q3 (from July 20th to September 30th, 2023). This offer doesn’t necessitate a trade-in of your current Tesla; you can simply transfer the FSD package from one car to another. An email with all the terms and conditions is included in the tweet.


Cybertruck wrapped like an F150

This week, another Cybertruck was spotted on the streets of Palo Alto, but this time it was wrapped to look like an F150. Tesla certainly has a sense of humor!

A close look at the Camo Cybertruck

Nice close-up video of one of the Cybertrucks with the camo wrap.

Software Updates

Live camera on 2023.26.1

We’ve discussed this feature before: as of version 2023.26, you can now view all camera feeds live simultaneously, without the need to individually select and wait for each camera. Additionally, in this update, your Tesla will also record any attempts to open a door or trunk when the vehicle is locked.

Extra Supercharging information on 2023.26

The charging screen will now display the following information:

  • Supercharger location
  • Price per kWh
  • Charging session cost
  • kWh added

Spotifyโ€™s update for Tesla cars

Spotify has released a major update for its app in Tesla cars, addressing user requests by adding audiobooks, improving login, enhancing navigation, and refreshing the interface. This exciting update marks continued progress in improving the in-car listening experience for Tesla owners through Spotify integration.

Charging and energy consumption

Tesla offers free off-peak Supercharging in parts of Europe

Tesla is now offering free off-peak Supercharging at select stations in Croatia and Slovenia from 10 pm - 8 am on Fridays through Mondays between July 21 and September 4, 2023.

Tesla โ€“ AC vs. fans vs. windows energy consumption tested

Testing a Model Y showed that using the AC to maintain a 66ยฐF cabin only increased energy use by 3.4% versus just fans, while lowering windows 1/3 at 70MPH added 9.7% versus fans-only and 6.1% over AC, indicating the impact of aerodynamics. Even with AC, the Model Y achieved an impressively low 277 Wh/mi energy consumption for a compact SUV on the summer highway.

๐Ÿค“ What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AC: Air Conditioning
  • FSD: Full Self-Driving
  • SUV: Sport Utility Vehicle

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