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Issue 268 - Questions about Tesla? Ask away!


New web app answers your Tesla questions using car manual

Check out this super handy web app developed by the creator of Stats App for Tesla. It answers all your Tesla-related questions using the car manual in a clear and concise manner. Now, you can get all the details you need without sifting through the entire manual. A real time-saver, wouldn’t you agree?​

Software Updates

Safety Score V2 is here

While some details of the Safety Score v2 were previously known, we now have a screenshot directly from the app showing some new factors taken into account:

  • Excessive Speeding: This measures the proportion of the trip during which the speed exceeded 85 mph.
  • Late Night Driving: This counts driving done between 10 pm and 4 am.
  • Unbuckled Driving: This only takes into account instances when the car exceeds 10 mph.

New Products

Tesla Roadster production hopefully starts in 2024

At the annual shareholders’ meeting, Elon stated that the company’s eagerly anticipated second-generation Roadster is “hopefully” set to begin production in 2024. The Roadster, first unveiled in 2017, was initially slated for production in 2020, but this timeline was delayed multiple times. I bet those of you with reservations, or those who secured one through the referral program, must be eagerly awaiting this moment!

Tesla Bot Update

Tesla has just shared a video of the Tesla Bot walking around and learning about the real world. It’s truly impressive to see the progress Tesla has made from the announcement, where they initially had a person in a costume, to this current video. 🤖


Cybertruck winter testing

I wish this was a video, but it’s just a picture. Either way, I love seeing pictures of the Cybertruck, and this one doing winter testing on the snow is really cool (pun intended).

First Tesla Cybertruck off the production floor?

In this video posted on Twitter, there is speculation that this might be the first Cybertruck off the production line. This has excited many people, as it suggests that the first deliveries may not be that far into the future.

Cybertruck option packages

Elon Musk tweeted this week that the optional packages and third-party add-ons for the Cybertruck will be 🔥🔥. There is a lot of expectation surrounding what packages Tesla will offer, and it’s already obvious that the third-party industry will go wild. I can’t wait to see it.

Under the hood

Understanding Tesla's heat pump system

Really long video (1 hour and 12 minutes), some of the key points are:

  • Tesla’s heat pump uses a refrigerant to move heat energy.
  • The heat pump can use multiple sources and sinks of heat.
  • The only input to the system is electricity.
  • This system is more efficient than resistive heaters.

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