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Issue 258 - Ultra Red ❗

DIY Protection with Feynlab

[Sponsored] Feynlab’s DIY products follow a regimen: Preparation, Protection, and Maintenance. First Prepare the paint by washing it with Pure Wash, followed by Panel Prep to remove any residual oil or contaminants. Then Protect your Tesla using Ceramic Lite - the easiest coating to apply. Then Maintain the coating with Pure Wash, and if you want that extra touch of protection, follow it up with Ceramic Spray Sealant every couple of months.

Ultra Red

Introducing Ultra Red paint for Model S & X

Tesla has launched a new paint color for the Model S and Model X, built at the Fremont factory. The new color, called “Ultra Red,” appears to be a shade between the Red Multicoat (which it replaces) and the Midnight Cherry Red produced in Berlin. The new color is priced at $3,000. The video showcases the paint shop, as well as how the new color appears on the Model S and X. Personally, I think it looks fantastic!

Ultra Red vs Multicoat Red

Here’s a side-by-side view of the new Ultra Red and the Red Multicoat. What do you think?

Energy & Charging

Powerwall Direct

I know many of you have been waiting for this: now you can order a Powerwall without the need to order solar panels simultaneously. Tesla will ship it directly to you, and you can reach out to one of their certified installers for installation. Tesla is listing one Powerwall for $9,200, two for $17,200, and three for $25,200, not including taxes.

Internals of the v4 Supercharger

Love seeing how cleanly Tesla designs these things.

Model S

New and improved Model S high-visibility glass roof

Tesla recently informed customers about an improved glass roof for the Model S. In the communication, Tesla mentioned that the new roof allows 5x more light to enter, providing a clearer view of the sky while maintaining the same level of heat and UV protection as before.

S Plaid on the track with the new Ceramic Brakes

The Ceramic Brakes unlock the top speed for the Model S Plaid. In this video, we can see them in action on the track.

FSD Beta

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 11.3.1 in the rain

Nice video! Although with it sped up, the wipers seem to be going crazy.

FSD Beta v11.3.1 - Single Stack - Second Drive

Another great video by Chuck Cook. At minute 11, Chuck had to disengage because his car got too close to the truck right in front of him. Something I hadn’t noticed until this video is that FSD Beta v11.3.1 shows the traffic light your car is paying attention to in blue. This is cool because, in the past, mine sometimes paid attention to other traffic lights, and I had no way of knowing until it tried to go when it was still a red light for me.

Dirty Teslas FSD Beta 11.3.1 drive

In Dirty Tesla’s first FSD Beta 11.3.1 test drive, he explores various road types, including dirt roads, and highways, and navigates exits and roundabouts. While the beta version performs well in most scenarios, it still has some issues, such as inaccuracies in speed limits, not stopping at stop signs and yellow lights, and awkward lane transitions. One addition in this version is lane change notifications, as well as an option to activate minimal lane changes during the current drive.

πŸ€“ What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • DIY - Do It Yourself
  • FSD - Full Self-Driving
  • UV - Ultraviolet

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