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Issue 227 - Tesla swimming pool


2022.24 allows you to reposition the Blind Spot Camera display

With the new 2022.24 firmware, you can now choose the top left corner, the top left corner of the map area, as well as the original bottom left corner. In the video we can see how repositioning the camera window is as easy as a drag and drop.

2022.24 Release Notes

Apart from the repositioning of the Blind Spot Camera, the 2022.24 brings some highly anticipated features:

  • Tesla profiles will keep your setting and preferences synchronized across all vehicles using your Tesla account.
  • Traffic Along Route: The route blue line will now change colors, to clearly highlight slowdowns along your route.
  • Disable Sentry Sounds: In case you want Sentry on but not loud music in case Sentry triggers by mistake.
  • Driver Profiles: Navigation recent and favorites will be saved to the active driver profile.

I’m not sure I like the last two, my wife and I use the car at times, and I like sharing favorites, and recent, for Sentry, I was hoping they would disable turning on the flashlights when someone walks by, as I think it brings in unnecessary attention to the car.

Tax credit

Senate moves forward with EV tax credit reform

The Senate reached an agreement for the new EV tax credit. In this new proposal, SUVs, and trucks up to $80k and sedans up to $55k qualify for a $7,500 tax rebate. The bill removes manufacturer caps and there is an income limit to benefit from it. The article linked contains the full information.


Tesla Supercharger lounges in partnership with bk World

Tesla is partnering with bk World to deploy some prefab cubes, the first in Germany, offering things like restrooms, vending machines, and even video games next to this Supercharger. Honestly, I would love to see more Tesla lounges on the road, these ones just look fantastic and are probably cheaper than something more permanent.

Tesla Supercharger in Germany has a swimming pool

There are heatwaves all around Europe, and Tesla is surprising owners at this Supercharger in Germany with a peculiar perk, a swimming pool. To use the swimming pool you just need to show your Tesla app at the entry and you are all set. The video also shows some Tesla beach balls, will they be available in the Tesla store soon?

Third-generation Tesla Wall Connections can now charge others for using it

Not only they can charge others, but they are also findable in the Tesla App now. This is great for hotels, apartments, buildings, and offices, mainly all places that were using other solutions like Chargepoint before.


Does changing my steering wheel affect the warranty with Tesla?

This is a pretty common question for the folks who decide to install aftermarket accessories. Our friends from Pimp My EV cover the matter at length in this article. Long story short, it doesn’t unless the problem was caused by the aftermarket part.

FSD Beta

FSD Beta avoids opening car doors

Super quick reflexes by FSD Beta, the driver didn’t notice it until the car already avoided it.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • EV -  Electric Vehicle
  • FSD -  Full Self-Driving
  • SUV -  Sport Utility Vehicle

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