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New Tesla patent for 'Generating ground truth for machine learning from time series elements'

Tesla strives to achieve Level 5 of autonomy, therefore it is very important to correctly develop all the processes and methods that, as a result, will help the company achieve its goal. This new patent discloses a machine learning training technique for generating highly accurate machine learning results and it gets Tesla one step closer to their goal.

From issue #135

Tesla Files Patent for new battery pack for 4680 cells with enhanced safety and lower production cost

More patents published this week, in this one, Tesla’s chassis, with two single-piece casting parts for the front and rear, allows the battery to be placed in the middle. This simplifies production as well as safety. These improvements result in a 10% weight reduction, a 14% increase in range, a significant reduction in the number of parts, and the overall increased structural integrity of the vehicle.

From issue #166

Tesla granted a patent for Autolabeler

Tesla has been granted a patent for its Autolabeling system. In their patent, Tesla describes how they are using short videos to model the road and be able to extract and label information in them, without manual intervention. In the past, we’ve talked about how, as part of AI, Tesla and other companies needed to label tons of data in order for the NN to learn, this is a step in the direction of massively increasing the amount of data that Tesla can use.

From issue #235

Tesla has a new high-tech steering wheel with touchscreens and haptic feedback

Tesla has filed a new patent which shows that they are working on a new steering wheel-based user interface with a bunch of new features, including one replacing the gear stalk, a bunch of touchscreens, haptic feedback, and more. This may or may not become a reality. I like the idea of less levers and more control from the steering-wheel, I wouldn’t like a steering-wheel that is too cluttered. Good design will be key here.

Is it just me or the drawing in the patent matches almost perfectly the supposed leaked redesign of the Model S that Electrek published a while ago?

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From issue #98

Tesla has new glass technology for noise reduction, temperature control, and more

This is how Tesla describes the patent application:

“In some embodiments, a glass structure for a vehicle includes an outer layer of glass and an inner layer of glass, wherein the inner layer of glass is perforated by a plurality of holes and wherein the outer layer of glass and the inner layer of glass are separated by a gap disposed between opposing surfaces of the outer layer of glass and the inner layer of glass. The perforations, layers of glass, and gap between the inner and outer layer may further be tuned for desired noise reduction characteristics, insulation properties, visual appearance, and the like.”

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From issue #93

Tesla patents a custom cooling system for longer-lasting energy storage devices

Cooling batteries is critical to extending the lifetime of batteries, that is why Tesla keeps researching better ways to improve the cooling systems for their power packs. In this patent, Tesla describes two strategies, one of these involves the use of a cold plate, this system could help to remove heat generated by the battery pack while in use. For the second strategy, the patent mentions regions that are designed to give away gas in the case of battery failure. It’s cool to see possible improvements in the future in the form of patents. It’s good to remember that, in the spirit of accelerating the advent of sustainable transport Tesla “open sourced” all their patents.

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From issue #82

Tesla will give drivers more options with new navigation features โ€” Patents filed

For the most part, Tesla’s navigation system is all that I need to go places but from time to time I want to take an specific route - like going south following the Pacific Cost Highway - or stop at an specific Supercharger. When that happens, I need to use 3rd party tools like or just go with my instict. According to a recently filed patent, Tesla would be planning on adding features to their navigation system. For instance, according to the filed mockups, shortest distance, most scenic, lowest energy consumption, and least time spent charging would be preferences for the existing navigation prioritization. It seems like adding waypoints - finally - will also be an option.

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From issue #75

The Trans-Canadian highway Supercharger corridor is almost complete

This route is key for folks wanting to go across Canada. According to u/ElonMousk many stations either have pedestals in the ground or are fully assembled but just not online. This route looks to be 70-85% done!

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From issue #83