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Issue 315 - Look ma, tight parallel park, no radar!

The most customizable steering wheels on the internet, now available for Model 3 Highland @ PimpMyEV

[Sponsored] With over 5,000 custom steering wheels built and delivered to customers for Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y, PimpMyEV just launched the Model 3 Highland Yoke and Round steering wheel for the masses. Check out their huge selection of steering wheels, their attention to detail and track record for customer satisfaction.

Park Assist

Tight parallel park. pure vision, no radar

Great demo of how far the auto park has come with the latest updates. When Tesla removed the ultrasonic sensors, many people in the community doubted this would ever be possible, but Tesla keeps proving their vision-only approach works.

Tesla rolls out High Fidelity Park Assist and new Autopark to cars with USS

Tesla’s latest software update, 2024.3.25, finally brings High Fidelity Park Assist and a new Autopark feature to vehicles equipped with Ultrasonic Sensors (USS) and AMD Ryzen chips. This enhancement now enables the previously Vision-only features, offering a ‘Tesla Vision’ Park Assist with 3D reconstruction and a choice between ‘Standard’ and ‘Vision’ Autopark options. However, cars with the older Intel Atom chip will only receive a less detailed version.

Heads-up on Tesla smart parking: watch for moving cars

A clip from Chuck Cook’s video on FSD v12.3.6 showcases Autopark in various scenarios, highlighting unexpected events—especially around the 1:47 mark, where the parked Tesla doesn’t seem to account for other moving vehicles. As always, Tesla owners using Autopark should stay vigilant.

Software Updates

First Look at New UI and Capabilities of Auto Shift in Tesla Update 2024.14.3

Tesla’s 2024.14.3 update enhances the Auto Shift feature, now available for Model S, Model X, the new Model 3, and the Cybertruck. This update introduces a more compact user interface on the new Model

Tesla's $10B Investment in Training and In-Car Inference AI

AI training and inference is expensive. Elon mentioned on Twitter that Tesla is dedicating an impressive $10 billion this year to advance its combined training and inference. This massive investment is seen as a critical move, with Elon Musk suggesting that companies not investing at this level will struggle to stay competitive in the AI arena.

New cars

Tesla unveils Quicksilver paint for Model Y in the U.S for $2k

This week, Tesla has started listing Model Ys with Quicksilver paint on their inventory pages. Currently, it’s exclusive to inventory Long Range and Performance models—so if you’re looking to add a touch of sleekness to your Tesla, now’s your chance!

Tesla reveals Robotaxi App and names the Robotaxi the CyberCab

Tesla’s upcoming Robotaxi, referred to by Elon Musk as the Tesla CyberCab, is set to be unveiled in August. Musk has highlighted the effectiveness of Tesla’s vision-based approach using end-to-end neural networks as the right solution for achieving scalable autonomy. This technology shift underscores Tesla’s commitment to advancing autonomous driving capabilities through innovative AI applications.


Tesla Cybertruck gets new off-road powers: Overland and Baja modes, Lockers, and More

We should expect Tesla to keep bringing off-road updates in their upcoming software updates, as they aim to transform the Cybertruck into an off-road beast. The latest upgrade introduces the ‘Overland Mode’ for improved traction across various terrains and ‘Baja Mode’ for a more responsive driving experience. Locking differentials and a virtual rear locker in the tri-motor variant enhance its traction capabilities, while Trail Assist and CyberTent Mode add convenience for rugged adventures.

Cyber Odyssey

The Cybertruck will be touring Europe with more than 100 locations from May to July. The link contains all the stops and dates, check it out!

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
  • FSD: Full Self-Driving
  • USS: Ultrasonic Sensors

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