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Issue 283 - A Tesla full of Teslas

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Model 3

Model 3 Blind Spot Indicator revealed

The blind spot indicator we discussed last week is a red light that illuminates on each side of the car. It’s positioned near the rearview mirror, but inside the cabin. I believe this is a major enhancement. Kudos to Tesla!

No more knee airbags on Highland

The Highland also introduced changes to the airbags, removing the knee airbags and adding a new one between the driver and passenger. Some Redditors pointed out that multiple studies suggest knee airbags may cause more injuries than they prevent. Regardless, it’s a notable change worth mentioning.

Energy & Charging

Tesla has launched Powerwall 3

The Powerwall 3 boasts a higher output of 11.5kW, a significant increase from the 5.8kW of the Powerwall 2. This implies it can intermittently power most homes. Elon highlighted in a tweet that the Powerwall 3 has been optimized for easier installation. While Tesla’s official website hasn’t yet announced its launch, a member from the Tesla Motors Club forum has reported having it installed this week.

Tesla to install charging stations at 2,000 Hiltons in North America

More great news for Tesla owners in North America, specially for those that are frequent users of Hilton Hotels. Telsa and Hilton just announcement an agreement to install 20,000 charging stations in 2,000 Hilton properties in the US, Mexico, and Canada. perfect for those spending the night at the property!

All the Teslas

A tesla full of Teslas

Great photo of the entire Tesla lineup: a Semi hauling a Model S, a Model X, three Model 3s, a Model Y, and a Cybertruck.


How Elon Musk set Tesla on a new course for self-driving

We recently saw Elon demoing FSD 12 in his car. This article delves into the details of how the idea to fully transform the FSD stack for FSD 12 came about, as well as some of the testing conducted. FSD 12 uses neural networks to mimic human driving, replacing thousands of lines of C++ that previously controlled the car. When comparing both systems in a scenario with a road littered with trash cans, fallen traffic cones, and random debris, the car guided by the neural network planner could navigate around the obstacles, crossing lane lines and breaking some rules when necessary. This was something the rules-based planner couldn’t accomplish.

Police car visualization

Seems to be a new addition in 2023.32.1. I personally haven’t seen this before, have you?

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD: Full Self-Driving

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