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Issue 272 - Elon Mode and 11.4.3

FSD Beta

Tesla rolls out FSD Beta v11.4.4 (2023.7.20)

The new version, now rolling out to testers, includes some interesting changes such as:

  • Improved handling of oncoming cars on narrow, unmarked roads. This improvement is achieved by better predicting the trajectory of oncoming cars and leaving enough room for them to pass before re-centering.
  • Better handling of VRUs near crosswalks, achieved by more accurately predicting their future intent.
  • Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking in response to cut-in vehicles and vehicles located behind the ego vehicle while reversing.

11.4.3 with Elon mode

Greentheonly drove 600 miles using version 11.4.3 in Elon mode and shared his impressions. With Elon mode enabled, the car’s nag feature is disabled, and braking is gentler. Given that he didn’t have to constantly monitor the car, he was more forgiving of the differences between the car’s driving behavior and his own, making the experience much less annoying for him.


The discount on Tesla's Model X and Model S has been increased

Probably as an end-of-quarter incentive, Tesla just increased the discount offered in all new Model S and Model X from their existing inventory from $5k to $7.5K.


Tesla shows off how they monitor their Supercharger network

Tesla’s Supercharger network is integrated with a dedicated monitoring system that tracks the real-time status of charging stations globally. This helps manage congestion and ensure the availability of charging slots for Tesla drivers. Furthermore, this system works in tandem with Tesla’s navigation, calculating the most optimal route for drivers by taking into account real-time Supercharger data and factors like battery temperature and forecasted wind. This allows the system to predict energy consumption accurately and offer the most efficient route.

Supercharging - Over 99.9% Network Uptime

In a video released by Tesla, they highlighted that their charging network uptime exceeds 99.9%. Tesla also mentioned having a dedicated team tasked with addressing issues as they occur at the charging stations.

Software Updates

Range Analysis is now available in the Tesla app

In this version of the app, there is an option to run a range analysis. Upon doing so, the app provides some statistics about range consumption. The post doesn’t provide much detail, and I haven’t been able to test this feature myself, so it’s not entirely clear what specific information is provided.

Tesla Energy

Drew confirms VPP in Texas and Puerto Rico

Responding to several tweets, Drew Baglino, the SVP of Powertrain and Energy at Tesla, confirmed that the VPP will soon be available to owners in Puerto Rico and Texas.

Tesla Solar panels and Powerwall system after a year

This Twitter user highlighted a few benefits of their system:

  • In the last year, it generated $869.37 in revenue independently.
  • They have become their own energy providers.
  • They possess backup power for several days.


Cybertruck Camo

A video this time of the Camo Cybertruck driving around the Bay Area.

🤓 What the acronym?

As Tesla fan I find myself sometimes having to remember what are all those acronyms, here is a list of the ones you can find in this issue.

  • FSD: Full Self-Driving
  • SVP: Senior Vice President
  • VPP: Voluntary Protection Programs
  • VRU: Vulnerable Road User

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