Do I need MCU2 to upgrade to Hardware 3 (FSD)?

Do I need MCU2 to upgrade to Hardware 3 (FSD)?

With the Infotainment upgrade available (MCU1 to MCU2 retrofit), Tesla owners with MCU1 who purchased Full Self-Driving (FSD) are wondering if MCU2 is going to be required and if they’re going to have to pay for it.

Until recently, it was unclear to us if the Hardware 3 retrofit was compatible with MCU1. Bonnie Norman has shared on Twitter that she has confirmed with Tesla that it is:

As she also says in the tweet, this means there aren’t going to be any free retrofits for MCU1 owners. The good news is if you purchase both Full Self-Driving and the Infotainment upgrade, you’re probably going to get the job done really soon (most likely early March 2020).

We’ve been trying to schedule an appointment for the Hardware 3 retrofit for a while now, we’ll keep you all updated if we’re able to get it, with or without the MCU2 retrofit.

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