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Issue 282 - New Model 3 finally unveiled


Cybertruck backing up sound

The Cybertruck has the same backup sound as the other Tesla models, but this is the first time it’s been captured in a video.

Cybertruck trunk open

The frunk appears massive, but there are no visible plugs inside, and there’s nothing to prevent items from falling out if you open it while parked on a downhill slope.

New Model 3

New Tesla Model 3 - What's changed?

The new Model 3 is available in Europe and China but not the US. In the video, Carnow provides a thorough walkthrough of the new additions. Some of these include a 30% noise reduction, a rear screen, ventilated front seats, no stalks, and numerous external and internal cosmetic changes.

Highland vs legacy Model 3 specs

A side-by-side comparison of the specs, and it’s worth checking out!

New Tesla Model 3 18 inch wheels with cover removed

I personally prefer them over the previous Aero wheels. What’s your opinion?

Setting for blind spot indicators

In this picture of the new Model 3 Highland settings, there’s an option for a ‘blind spot indicator’. I’m curious about its implementation in this new version. Will it be on the screen? Will they use the ambient lights, as some Redditors have suggested? Or will it be an indicator in the rearview mirrors, as seen in other cars? What are your thoughts? My guess is that it will be a physical indicator somewhere other than the screen; otherwise, other Teslas could receive the same feature.

More highland pictures

This is the first major refresh of the Model 3, and I must admit, it looks fantastic.

Side-by-side Model 3 old vs. new

Great side-by-side comparison of the old Model 3 and the new Highland version. Overall, the exterior looks sharper, and I like the new interior. However, I’m generally not a big fan of ambient lighting. I’ll need to see it in person.

Price drops

Model S and Model X price drop (again)

The Long Range Model S is now priced at $74,990, and the Model X at $79,990. At the start of 2023, the Model S was $104,990 and the Model X was $120,990, marking a decrease of 28.5% and 33.8% respectively.

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