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Issue 16 - Model X 100D: More power and faster acceleration

Data sharing and privacy - what's actually collected?

By verygreen: The autopilot trip log contains coordinates of your trip placed into buckets of whenever autosteer was available, used and so on. (…) What other things I have noticed: the anonymization is actually pretty superficial.

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Tesla “uncorks” early Model X 100D with more power, faster acceleration

A Tesla Model X 100D recently received a software update that “uncorked” more performance from the luxury all-electric SUV. The update, which was featured in a recent DragTimes video on YouTube, allowed the Model X 100D to attain a better speed and power output compared to before.

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New bill to remove limit for $7.5k electric vehicle federal tax credit introduced as Tesla hits threshold

Tesla is likely going to be the first automaker to hit the 200,000th electric car delivery threshold in the US this quarter, which will initiate a one-year-long phase-out period to eventually remove access to the $7,500 federal tax credit for Tesla buyers. But a new bill to remove the controversial 200,000 delivery threshold has now been introduced in Congress.

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The unofficial getting started guide to your new favorite car (Model 3)

Brenden Mulligan has put together and shared with us this great guide for Model 3 owners. “You’ve just taken delivery of your brand new Tesla Model 3. You already know it’s the best car you’ve ever owned. But you can’t figure out how the hell to make it do all the cool stuff you’ve heard about. That’s what this post is for.”

And thanks for the shoutout to our Tesletter :-D

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Factors that can influence Superchargers speeds

Outside temperature, battery pack temperature, battery state of charge when you plug in, sharing stalls, etc. are some of the reasons that may cause different charge rates at Superchargers. Check out the complete list.

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A comprehensive guide on preparing for, taking delivery of, and owning a Model 3

“I couldn’t find a good resource for the soup-to-nuts process of buying a Model 3, so I made one. This document is adapted from Will Fealey’s UK-based guide on the Model S.” Thank you Myke!

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Because we 💚 Tesla

Our Model S rocks so much that we designed some sweet t-shirts to go with it. Check out all of our designs at https://shop.spreadshirt.com/tesletter

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