Pack sizes

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Pack sizes and available kWh

wk057’s investigation into the Tesla firmware revealed these as the actual pack sizes:

Pack Total capacity Usable
Original 60 ~61 kWh ~58.5 kWh
85/P85/85D/P85D ~81.5 kWh ~77.5 kWh
90D/P90D ~85.8 kWh ~81.8 kWh
Original 70 ~71.2 kWh ~68.8 kWh
75/75D ~75 kWh ~72.6 kWh
Software limited 60/60D ~62.4 kWh
Software limited 70/70D ~65.9 kWh

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From issue #8

Premium Package is now standard for all Model S and Model X

Woot?! We bought our Model S only a few months ago… But to be honest, we knew this could happen. And we’re happy for the new and future Model S owners. Enjoy!

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From issue #18