[New feature] One-pedal driving (Stopping Mode)

[New feature] One-pedal driving (Stopping Mode)

Stopping mode is probably one of the most popular features of the [2019.36.2.1 release] since it allows real one-pedal driving, a capability that Tesla owners had been asking for a long time as other EV cars already offered this capability.

Tesla’s one-pedal driving comes with a new setting in addition to ‘creep’ and ‘roll’ (previously creep off), called ‘hold’. In hold mode, the car applies regenerative braking all the way to zero and then applies ‘Vehicle Hold’ when the car comes to a complete stop.

Who is getting one-pedal driving? Unfortunately, one-pedal driving is available in Tesla cars with the newer permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motors, which previously stopped applying regen at around 5mph. That means Model 3s, and Raven Model S and Model X only. AFAIK the old induction motors aren’t physically capable of applying regen at low speeds which makes me think Tesla is never going to implement this feature for the rest of the Model S and X.

I own a Model S from 2017 and haven’t had the chance to try the new one-pedal driving. However, I’ve read and heard great things about it, except in reverse, which some people really dislike.

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