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Safely removing HOV/Clean Air Vehicle stickers from your Tesla

February 11, 2020

HOV/CAV stickers are famous for not being easy to remove without damaging the paint, we have some suggestions for you to apply them before it's too late. And if it's already too late, we also have some ideas for you to remove them safely.

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California EV HOV 2020 sticker color is ... orange

Clean air vehicle decals issued during 2020 will be orange and valid until January 2024. The process takes around eight weeks or so from the day that you mail the application. If you have to go through this process, we published a video about what we think is the best way of applying the decals on your Tesla so you can easily remove them once they expire.

Read more: CA.gov

From issue #92

California reduces HOV lane access for EVs

California might be on the leading edge of renewable energy and electric mobility, but sometimes even the Golden State bows to industry pressures and powerful lobby arms. EV drivers will be able to use the HOV lanes until January 1, 2022.

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From issue #25

Fewer free express lanes for clean air vehicles in California

While a few months ago it was LA that removed the free express lanes for vehicles with the clean air vehicle decals, now it is the turn of NorCal. The county of Santa Clara is voting in December a proposal that would charge 50% of what other single drivers pay.

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From issue #35

How to remove your expired California white HOV sticker

California white HOV stickers expired at the end of 2018 and aren’t easy to remove. Thanks to u/bjm00se for the tips!

PS. What we did is to buy some removable vinyl bumper stickers and to put our decals on top. This way it should be pretty easy to remove them.

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From issue #40

More changes on HOV lanes for EVs

Beginning March 1st, 2019 CAV displaying a DMV issued red or purple CAV decal can use the I-10 and I-110 Metro ExpressLanes and receive a 15% discount off of the posted rate instead of being free of charge as they previously were.

Read more: Media Metro

From issue #43

PSA: California red HOV sticker applicants, wait until Jan 2019 to apply

For new decals you get the full partial year you apply plus 3 years before it expires. If you apply in January 2019 you will get 3 years and 11 months of HOV access expiring in Jan 2023. Again, this only applies to new ones and not people who already got one on 2017 / 2017. Quote from the California’s Clean Air Decals website:

«Any decal originally issued after January 1, 2019 expires three full years plus the partial year from when the decal was issued. All decals expire on September 30, 2025.»

More info and a nice explanatory table

From issue #28