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Highlights from Tesla Q3 report

As you probably know, here in Tesletter we don’t talk about Tesla’s stock, financials, or Elon’s personal life. We stick to what we like the most, Tesla products. Yesterday, Tesla announced their Q3 results and during that conference call they dropped a few updates about their products that I thought are worth sharing with you:

  • The Model Y is ahead of schedule and it will go into production the summer of 2020 instead of during the fall of 2020
  • Elon thinks that is tight but still expects Tesla to release a feature-complete FSD before the end of the year, most likely only under the Early Release Program
  • Today (October 24) Tesla will be releasing version 3 of the solar roof. Elon expects this one to be great and to increase production. More details next week!
  • Elon expects FSD not needing the driver’s supervision attention - according to Tesla, not regulators - by the end of 2020
  • Tesla electric Cybertruck (the pickup truck) is Tesla’s best product ever
  • They said something along the lines of «Single pedal driving that will improve range … makes it easier to drive», maybe stronger regen soon?
  • Soon an OTA software update will increase the power output of the Model 3 by 5% and the Model S and X (we assume only the Raven) by 3%
From issue #82