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More Tesla Vision Park assist accuracy tests

Not all the examples are negative; in this instance, the owner used a measuring tape and verified that the car’s accuracy is within 1-2 inches, which is fantastic. What’s even better is that with the new system, the car can display curbs and other objects that weren’t detected previously by the USS. Now, Tesla just needs to address a few other cases, and we will be good to go!

From issue #260

Tesla Vision Park Assist

Here is a brief video demonstrating the recently added Tesla Vision Park Assist feature. As a quick reminder to everyone, this feature is designed for cars without USS. In the video, we can observe that the new system isn’t entirely confident about the space surrounding it, particularly at the front of the car.

From issue #260

Tesla vision park assist accuracy

In these photos, we can see issues with the accuracy of the Tesla Vision Park Assist functionality, especially at the front of the car. The owner reports a distance of approximately 3 feet in the front, yet the system displays “Stop”.

From issue #260

Tesla Vision Park showing the curb

It’s great to see the cameras showing things that the sensors weren’t able to show in the past.

From issue #260