Cybertruck interior, a detailed look inside Tesla's pickup truck

Cybertruck interior, a detailed look inside Tesla's pickup truck

I don’t know about you but it’s almost been two weeks and I still can’t stop thinking about Tesla’s Cybertruck. I keep on reading about its interior, the Autopilot cameras, the new MCU screen, the materials, etc. and the more I learn about it, the more I like it. This is by far the most interested I’ve ever been in a pickup truck, and most likely it’s because it’s not your conventional pickup truck. I may be wrong but I’m positive that with at least 250,000+ reservations in the books, Tesla hasn’t even started tapping the majority of the current pickup truck market precisely because of that reason. That audience was going to be difficult to convince anyway so in fact, choosing a bold design as the Cybertruck is, accompanied by such great specs and price, are in my opinion a very smart move by Tesla.

Another important point is that the Cybertruck is designed to keep manufacturing costs low, e.g. no paint and no complex curves. It’s purposely inexpensive for what you get. So maybe it doesn’t look as sleek as some were expecting- or maybe it does, who said pickup trucks are pretty anyway?!- but the futuristic exterior is a great bet and the interior surely looks minimalistic and stylish like Tesla has us used to.

If you can’t have enough of the Cybertruck, keep reading for a detailed look at Tesla’s pickup truck interior.

Cybertruck MCU screen

The Cybertruck comes with a 17” touchscreen. The dashboard looks similar to the Model 3 and Model Y but the MCU screen is two inches bigger. That makes sense since the cabin is bigger too. We were also able to see what seems to be a new software in the UI of the MCU screen. Although in some videos it looked a bit glitchy, it also looks very promising. At first sight, one of the biggest changes in the menu on the side instead of at the bottom.

Steering wheel

We don’t know if this was just part of the prototype or not but the Cybertruck comes with a steering wheel like the Roadster one. We think that’s pretty badass and hope they keep it.

Tesla Cybertruck interior
Tesla Roadster 2020 interior

Rearview mirror

The Tesla Cybertruck lacks side mirrors, and although it’s not the first time that Tesla unveils a vehicle without side mirrors, in this case, the Cybertruck rearview mirror it’s an LCD screen which provides streaming video to let the driver see behind the vehicle. This means Tesla’s pickup truck could actually not have side mirrors if the law would allow it.


As expected, it’s a six-seater with a foldable middle seat which can not only act as a large armrest but it’s also a storage compartment, and it has three cup holders.



Apart from minimalistic, the dash looks like marble. To everyone’s surprise, and as reported by Sofiaan on Twitter, it’s made of paper. CleanTechnica highlighted the following traits in this article after a conversation with the rest of the crew who appear in this video where the driver reveals the material of which the Cybertruck dash is made of:

  • It looks like marble
  • It feels like high-quality cardboard
  • It’s made of paper
  • In case of an accident, solid stone or metal piece would be more dangerous

Glass Roof

The roof is made of glass, a feature that we love in our Model S, and from the videos taken during the rides at the unveiling event- even though they were recorded at night- it does look equally cool.


Tesla’s Cybertruck comes equipped with a 6.5-foot bed, but the rear center armrest can be folded and act as a pass-through for even longer items.

One question that comes to mind is if the Cybertruck that was presented on November 21st, 2019 is final. Well, it does not look street-legal since it lacks side mirrors, windshield wipers, and a front bumper. Based on previous Tesla unveiling events, this seems to be a common pattern so we expect things could still change. In addition, Tesla’s website says that “All configurations are US specification only. Global specifications will be developed at a later date based on demand.”, so I guess we’ll have to wait.

For now, we can’t stop looking at Tesla’s Cybertruck pictures. What’s your take on it? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Let us know!

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