Tesla paint protection: PPF, ceramic coating, and more

Tesla paint protection: PPF, ceramic coating, and more

I’ve never owned a luxury car in my life so I had never thought about investing in any type of paint or glass protection when I got my Model S a couple of years ago. Our next car is going to be a Model Y and, after hand washing Chispas and seeing all the imperfections, I’m thinking I’d want to apply some sort of protection. I’m going to go over a few options here, weather conditions in your area, budget, and other preferences may influence your decisions.

Paint Protection Film (PFF)

PPF protects the paint against small damages like rock chips, door dings, and such. It’s always easier (and less expensive) to change a piece of plastic than to repaint the damaged part.

Check out this custom installation on a Model Y by OCDetailing.

How much does PPF cost?

PPF cost may vary from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on a few factors like if it needs preparation (is it brand new or does the exterior need to be polished?), the areas covered- if just the most vulnerable like the front bumper and the fenders or full body- or and amount of material used, the level of difficulty (some cars just have more curves and are more difficult than others), and additional services you may want to apply (e.g. ceramic coating) to complement the PFF.

How much does PPF last?

PPF can ill last between 5 and 10 years depending on the surface preparation- that thing we said about investing in having it flawless before the installation-, the application process, bubbles, etc., and the exposure to direct sunlight which can and will decrease lifespan and can also cause yellowing.

What's the difference between PFF and vinyl wraps?

Vinyl wraps are usually thinner than PPF, they’re usually more suitable when your goal is to change the aspect of the car as opposed to only protecting its paint. In other words, they offer more customization and less protection.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is more like long-lasting wax and it will make your car glossier and easier to wash. Since PPF and ceramic coating serve different purposes, you could always decide to apply both. If you do, you would normally do the PPF first and then lay the ceramic coating on top of it.

Ceramic coating can be applied to both the exterior and the interior of your car. We know folks with white interiors who are very happy with their ceramic coating on the seats since they’re easier to clean and look like new every time they do so.

Ceramic coating is not permanent. It will depend on the installer- a product used and application- but 2-3 years is what’s considered normal.

If you’re not sure what to do, ask the experts. Feynlab, for example, are experts in ceramic coating and car protection. They offer free consultation with a quote estimate and have installers in 65 countries all around the world (over 150 just in the United States).

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