Jay Leno chats with Tesla’s chief designer about the 2020 Tesla Roadster

PIN to drive security feature

Tesla has added the option of a ‘PIN to Drive’ setting to its models for added security. Aimed at combating the theft of cars through key fob hacking, the option will not allow a user to drive the car until the correct PIN (personal identification number) has been entered on the infotainment screen.

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Range by trim

It is well known that larger wheels reduce the range. Below’s a table with a comparison of range by trim on new and 5% degradation ones. Awesome stuff Troy!

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UPS test drive of the Semi

A Tesla Semi is on your to visit potential customers and UPS is taking a look at the electric truck. They took a test drive and said it’s «one smooth ride». UPS is one of Tesla Semi’ largest reservation holders with 125 electric trucks on order.

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Evolution of Model S seats

Everything you need to know about Model S wheels

Base model, upgrades, prices, and colors. Which ones are you getting next?

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When should you change your tires?

It’ll depend on your tires and brand, but most Tesla owners say they change tires between 30k and 35k miles.

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Fixing Tesla’s charging port (broken pin)

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