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v10 is coming in the next months

Elon recently shared on Twitter some details about v10, the next big release of the software in our cars. Here is a summary of what he said:

  • To be released in August (if testing goes really well). But probably more like September.
  • It will include several games & infotainment features.
  • Ability to stream YouTube & Netflix when car is stopped.
  • Improved highway Autopilot and better traffic light & stop sign recognition. Are we going to see the first features of the FSD pack out to the fleet?
  • Will include a text message phone feature that reads messages through the speaker and can text back for you via voice.
  • After someone complained about chimes when the family is sleeping in the car, Elon said he is hopping to get «Joe Mode» in v10. “Joe Mode” would lower the volume of strident beeps & chimes by half.

Our only observation is that both the infotaiment features and new games are probably only going out to cars with MCU2. Elon repeated on Twitter that there will be a path for people with MCU1 to pay and get upgraded to MC2. We tried contacting Tesla and they said this isn’t out yet but they hinted it is in the works and more info will be released soon 🤞

From issue #70